Saturday, December 21, 2013

Altered lace cupcake tin

Hi Everyone,

I've been checking out the new trend in altering cupcake tins.. it looked pretty cool so decided to give it a try. (its always easier viewing than

Anyway, I went to the dollar tree and purchased 3 tins (cause you never know how many it will take til you get it right) the first two I painted with gesso then white paint (DIFFICULT) (does not leave a smooth finish.. constantly going over to get it covered)the third one i went straight for spray paint. worked like a charm. two layers and done. at least it felt like two layers.. anyway on this tin (the spray painted one) I added several layers of vintage lace. I added venice lace to the edge then some bling trim to give it more pizzaz.. I found some cabinets thrown away and checked out their hardware.. only 2 were matching so I grabbed those handles and spray painted them with metallic paint. the center is covered with a rosette trim from bead landing and the cups are lined with lace and doilies. All in all, it was not a bad project to do however like everything in altering.crafting it sure looked easier when I saw someone else making it. =)
(ps the other two tins were not successful. one i decoupaged..with cardstock (first time) so i had a rough time getting it to stick.. by then i was just not happy with the project.. and the third well the third is a dollar lost.) oh well you loose some you win some. Thanks for reading! 

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