Thursday, March 19, 2015

Phonograph cigar box using Graphic 45 Communique paper

HI everyone,

I wanted to do a phonograph but didn't want to create a box so I improvised. I took a tutorial from and converted into an svg file. Her's was a free wpr or print file so I am providing a FREE version of the svg phonograph file based off of her picture. (please keep it free)

THESE ARE SVG FILES.. need to have the software to open.

I then took a cigar box (small) and unhinged it. used the bottom part only. This i used as the top base.

The bottom base is a complete cigar box resting on TH metal feet. Paper is Graphic 45 communique. Metals for the wheel and holder are TH screws. 

Left for knobs I used a Graphic 45 metal staple. smaller knob is a button painted in black sitting on a pencil eraser with a Graphic 45 small metal staple.
Hope you find great use out of the SVG files. (should send you to three)