Sunday, December 15, 2013

Altered Kitchenette for my daughter

 Hi everyone

I found this wooden kitchenette at a thrift store for 20 dollars. missing several things and needing a paint job but it was workable.

i spray painted it with rustoleum pink primer n paint. the doors a metallic paint color from the same line and added joanns loose cardstock pink n brown dots for background. The top edge was dented and damaged so I also added the paper then added a pink lace in front.(looks better in person) It had no knobs so I took the tops of some small candles i had (michaels type) and hot glued them to kitchenette. since they are candle tops they do turn..=) I painted the burners with black craftsmart paint using a roll of duck tape as my circle base (painted the inside of the roll).

The only issue i had was with the metallic paint. it's see through so it picked up what was behind it even though I finished two bottles applying spray.

I also went through two bottles of the pink spray but I painted the entire kitchenette. no bad in the end i spent a total of $36 dollars for everything.

A kitchenette is'n't complete without pots and pans and bakeware so we went to Toys R Us and purchased a mini microwave,pots,pans,bakeware, and a tea set. (yeah that ran me $120 just in that so i'm glad i didn't shell out the 200-300 for the actual kitchenette)

All in all i think it turned out okay.. my daughter will be happy when she gets to remove the shower curtain come christmas. (ps.. keeping a 2 year old from seeing you work is NOT easy)

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