Monday, March 28, 2016

Cassandra's 5th Birthday Party Pink & Gold Princess Party

Hi Everyone,

Well I've found I have a Lot of fun doing parties for my kids. I still craft however mostly it's for them. =)

I wanted to share my daughters 5th Birthday Party. =) All done by ME =)

Main Table
Main Table setup
Inside centerpiece for cake table.
(ONE foam base surrounded by flowers then made a chipboard aurora crown and topped it with a gold metallic paper. Inside crown are more flowers.)
 Brownie cakepops  
(with mini  princess cassandra flags sitting on a large square cake plate surrounded by wedding "diamonds" in pink and white)
 Brownie cake pops 2 one on each side of cake
Candy/Sweets Table
Chocolate Castle lollipops 
sitting on top of a winco bakery display case holding cookies
 Rice Crispy bouquet Vase surrounded by pudding cups

 Custom made cake pop stand by Me =)
 Chocolate cake pops and mini vanilla cupcakes with mini tiaras
 Candy/sweets table
 Some veggies for the health

  My beautiful Princess
 Punch station
  Outside Centerpiece 1
(created by me. gold spray painted castle on top of two foam foam circles surrounded by flowers. Sparkly mini crown at entrance of the castle)
 Outside Centerpiece 2
(Same two base foam surrounded by flowers then topped with a hand sewn tassel pillow for mini crown)
 custom made sign by Me as well as a centerpiece for gift table
My Family =)