Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Altered Lace mini teacup and saucer (plate)

Hi everyone,

I found this awesome little set for $1.00 at goodwill in all white. Pppeeerrfeccttt!!

I started with the plate. i used a square 5 inch lace that I hot glued in the center (folding it so it would do a circle) i cut the edge of the crochet lace so that it drapped right over the edge of the plate. I then added a doily to cover the center. (yes it will be thick in the center)

The tea cup itself I wrapped with a wide lace going THROUGH the hole of the handle and cutting the excess at the bottom. I then wrapped a thick lace applique that reached from one end of the handle to the other side. then I hot glued it down to the plate. The corner has WOC roses hot glued down with a pearl string from start of pink flower and wrapping around bottom of plate to the other side of flowers.

The inside is filled with polyfil which i placed INSIDE a white stretchy headband then i just stuffed it back into the cup.(no glue) The edge has a pearl string with mini roses on the top. (glued down)

Thank you for reading! hope you get inspired to create a lacy cup!! =)


  1. NIce find and great altering. hope all is well. hugs evelyn

    1. Thank you Evelyn!! I've gone ahead and opened a facebook account and joined angela holts keep my self busy i guess. How are you?! Hows the traveling going. =)