Saturday, January 18, 2014

Paris Theme Party Planning and Decorations- The Start

Hi Everyone,

So I was asked to do my Mother in Laws 60th birthday. I decided to do a paris theme.. of course i have been dying to do a paris party for a while now especially for my daughter...but since I had already started her cowgirl theme party..I have to wait 2 more years before I can do a paris party..soooo this is practice for when I eventually do the paris theme for my daughter. =)

What I've done already is the Main Table centerpiece as well as a keepsake for my Mother in Law to remember her party.

The main table will have my Towers and eiffel tower on each end, black 4 tier cupcake tower in the center, 2 fenton silver crest tiers (2 tier) on each side of the cupcake tower with chocolates and chocolate covered fruits.

My Idea for the buffet candy table is to also have towers but smaller and an eiffel tower wine bottle rack. (huge)

My centerpieces, i'm thinking of going with a small dollar tree vase, covering it with stripped black/white or pink/white paper and adding roses and a small 3d eiffel tower.. still debating..

Here are the pictures of what i've already come up with.

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  1. I love it - good job. If you have left over Eiffel towers I want one, my room is all Parisian. see ya at work bye