Thursday, January 15, 2015

Altered Pin Book using Graphic 45 Secret Garden Vintage Lace

Hi Crafters!

I was organizing my craft room and found this Mcgill storage case (flower tools holder) and decided to turn in to a pin book.

Supplies used:
Graphic 45 Secret Garden Fabric
Lace Trim
Felt sheet
foam sheet (can keep using felt sheets i just used foam because i had it)
Vintage lace/fabric trim

First step was applying fabric Tac to storage case and then placing it down on a quarter fabric of secret garden. I cut out the excess but left enough that it would fold over to hide my edges. I then placed felt on the inside of the case to cover all the foldeded edges again just applying glue to the case and laying down the felt. cutting the excess. (used cutter bee to cut close to the edge)

I then stapled a sheet of folded thin foam (one top and one bottom staple)to my case. (staples are TH very small and stapled to felt not actual case). once that was done I started applying different types of lace trim to get the look I was going for. Once the fabri tac was dry on one side I'd work on the other.

Here is my completed book. Happy Crafting!

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